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The Cosmic Food Chain: Intaglio aquatint etching. 3" x 8" image size.


Mixed Martial Arts: Intaglio/aquatint etchings from my artist’s book, Panther! and Bear Fight, available as single prints.  Image size about 5″ x 6″, paper size 9"x10″.

The Apiary AscendingSeries of 4 prints, relief ink with hammered gold flecks. 8"x11". 

Snake Impressions: Blind-embossed images of snakes from my photographs.  Printed with an etching press on Rives paper.  Image size 5″ x 7″.

The Wolf-Girl of Midnapore: Intaglio/aquatint etchings from my artist’s book, The Wolf-Girl of Midnapore, available as single prints.  Image size 4″ x 5″, paper size 5″ x 7″.